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Cook's Super Sharp™ Bandsaw Blades

There has never been a blade quite like the patent pending Cook’s Super Sharp™. Certainly while there are blades on the market that are sharp, none match our Triple Metal Matrix™ proprietary blend of chromium, silicone, and magnesium coupled with the wood penetrating abilities of the Super Sharp™ tooth design. The result is a long lasting ability to continually saw at amazing speeds far after other blades have to be changed.
Standard blade designs just don’t compare.

Durable - No other band saw blade stays as sharp, as long. Super Sharp™ outlasted the best bandsaw blades by more than 100%.

Rugged - Extra rigid body powers its way through logs allowing you to use all of your available horsepower.

Unique - The 'triple matrix' steel composition found in the Super Sharp™ band saw blades is superior, giving it body rigidity with the flexibility of spring steel.

Incredible - Removes 95% of the sawdust off the board!

The patent pending Cook's Super Sharp™ band saw blade is the single most penetrating sawmill blade on the market today. Most bandsaw blade manufacturers produce a sharp blade, but not all of them penetrate wood equally. That is where the Cook's Super Sharp™ shows it's superiority.

Cutting straight through wood is all about wood fiber penetration. Some bandsaw blades after a few hours of cutting might still feel sharp, but they just won't cut anymore. But what these blades lack is the ability to penetrate the log. This is what separates a good blade from a great blade.

The Cooks Super Sharp™ is able to cut for hours after other blades have stop producing. This is due to several factors, one of which is the mix of steel ingredients which we like to call the metal matrix blend, consisting of a special blend of carbide, magnesium, and silicone.

But the revolutionary patent pending tooth design is what makes the Super Sharp™ band saw blade superior to any other blade on the portable sawmill market. The funny thing is you might look at it and say "I don't see anything different." But after running the blade you will see the difference.

We are talking about bandsaw blades that run so efficient that engines burn less fuel, and electric motors pull less amperage while cutting logs. Standard bandsaw blade designs are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Experience the difference... run Cook's Super Sharp™ bandsaw blades today!

Tony ~ a Super Sharp customer from North Alabama writes:

"The Super Sharp has cut my blade expense tremendously. I went from spending $1,500.00 a month in band saw blades to under $600.00! I'm saving over $900.00 per month cutting the same product. I wouldn't run anything else..."

To order Cook's Super Sharp™ sawmill blades, simply go to our online shop or call us toll free at 1-800-473-4804.

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