Blade Sharpening

Cook's Saw Resharp Service

If you have dull blades we can make them better than when they were new. Cook's Saw has over 30yrs. experience in sharpening thin kerf bandsaw blades for the sawmill industry.

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We can sharpen most every brand blade out there including Lenox, Simonds, Woodmizer, and Suffolk just to name a few.

Service includes:

  • Sharpening - your blades will be sharpened to a keen edge and perform better than when they were new
  • Tooth setting - highly accurate computer controlled setters will restore proper set back to your blades
  • Body flatness - blades take on curvature over time and we'll restore them for optimal performance when needed

Only $7.50 ea. for blades up to 17ft.

Only $8.00 ea. for blades 17"1" and over

*$5 handling fee is added when sending less than 6 blades 

Cook's Super Resharp Service 

If you need your Cook's Super Sharp™ blades resharpened, we'll sharpen any size, any length for only $6.95 per blade! You bought the best and we're going to offer you our best!

This includes are premium service of sharpening, setting, and flattening your blade which guarantees optimal performance from your Super Sharp blades.

*$5 handling fee is added when sending less than 6 blades

Ship blades to the following address:

Cook's Saw Mfg.

Attn: Sharpening Dept

160 Ken Lane

Newton, AL  36352