How Customer Derek Decker Got Started

Accu-Trac MP-32 Portable Sawmill Rising To New Heights

"I took my MP-32 portable sawmill to the job site at the top of a mountain in Park City, Utah. We were building a new home worth about 8 million dollars."

I started looking at sawmills on the Internet just to see what was out there. I pulled about 15 company names that I was interested in and called them for literature. Cook's Saw MFG., was one of them.

I liked the fact that they sent a video with an issue of "The Sawmill News". It was great to see all the little toys that someone can buy for the mills that you sell. From what I could tell, you had the beefiest rail support for a manual mill that I could find in my price range. That was very important to me.

I narrowed my choices down to two. It was between a well known competitors sawmill or the Accu-Trac MP32 sawmill. If I bought the other mill it meant that I would be spending more money than I wanted to spend. From the literature I received the competitors starter manual mill looked cheap and not nearly as sturdy as your MP32.

I decided to give Cooks Saw a call and see what more I could find out. That was all she wrote. I talked with Tim about the saws and the quality standard parts you use on all of your mills. Tim told me some of the good qualities of the Accu-Trac sawmills as well as some things to watch out for in other manufacturers sawmills.

I liked his confidence and knowledge of the mills that Cook's sells. I ordered my sawmill and couldn't wait to get it running! I cut my first piece of wood and was amazed at how straight and accurate it cut! It was everything I'd hope it would be.

I took my sawmill to the job sight at the top of a mountain here in Park City, Utah. We were building a new home worth about 8 million dollars. I have been doing log work for about nine years now. I had to do all of the log work for this conventional framed home.

There were large structural logs, log trusses, log corner posts, log stair systems and log mantels, and I had the portable sawmill to do it! We used a crane to lower the sawmill down to the basement level and made all of our cuts for that floor. We repeated the process for each floor, and then craned the sawmill out in front of the house where it stayed for the winter.

The sawmill started and cut great every time, even after shoveling 2 or 3 feet of snow off of it. I can't help but look back and think of the hundreds of logs that I have cut in half over the years, using a chain saw. Not to mention the time I spent doing it! A log that now takes about 15 seconds to cut; I'd spent an hour and half cutting in the past.

Do I have any regrets? None!

I would buy a Cook's Accu-Trac Sawmill every time.

Derek Decker ~ Utah


More Pictures of Derek Decker's Work Using Cook's Saw MP-32 Portable Sawmill


"We used a crane to lower the mill down to the basement level and make all our cuts for that floor."