The Magic of Thinking Big - With Portable Sawmills

James Osmond

The Magic of Thinking Big - With Portable Sawmills

James OsmondIf you do much reading then you are probably familiar with the book by David Shwartz entitled ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’.Outside of the bible it is one of my favorite books and I think one of the better books dealing with the power of a positive outlook on life.Now having said that, there is no ‘magic’ in life, but there are facts that we all deal with and each one of us looks at the same facts but not everyone interprets them or uses them in the same manner.It’s the old ‘glass is half full vs. the glass is half empty’ scenario – same glass of water – different interpretation of facts.

I assume you’re reading this because you’re somehow tied to the lumber business whether you saw lumber, service equipment, or you’re still thinking about getting into the market.Either way, I want to encourage you today to take your goals, visions, or your current operation to the next level of excellence.

We are in a time when everyone is talking ‘economy’.I don’t have to tell you it hasn’t been as good as we would all like but that only means it will get better.Even today March 25th, 2010 there are strong signs of a thriving market in the wood industry.That means lumber is in demand, people are sawing, blades are getting ordered, and blades will need to be sharpened.So right now is an ideal opportunity to really go after the wood market and right now it is building momentum.Those people who are prepared for it are going to reap the harvest.So what does this mean to you?- Think Big.

If you have been talking about getting that sawmill, edger, resaw, sharpener, or setter then now is the time.These are pieces of equipment that will make you money.It’s not like buying a car, boat or 4-wheeler that typically doesn’t pay back.A sawmill will produce rough cut usable lumber that people want.Adding a board edger will increase lumber production by more than 30% (that means 30% in profits as well) by not having to edge boards on your sawmill.Pallet boards are in full demand and having a Resaw that can produce 10,000+ bd.ft. a day like our CR6E and CR8E Pallet Resaw can mean big profit.Sharpening and setting blades as a service to sawmillers in your area can be a full time job as well.Any of this equipment can help you reach your goals.

To do any of these things I’ve mentioned takes some vision and some positive thinking.If there was ever a time to make something happen, it is right now.Banks are beginning to loan money again, springtime is upon us, and the nation as a whole is ready to get out of the recession.

Some people may feel that these decisions can sometimes be a little overwhelming with so many companies selling similar equipment.Before you buy, call us.We can help with the decision making process.If you buy another companies equipment without ever talking to us you may miss out on key information that would otherwise be vital to your potential success.

When you buy from us you are going to get the highest degree of service the industry has to offer.We have some of the most knowledgeable staff in the entire industry and they will help you even when things seem overwhelming.We had a customer with a sawmill operation a few years ago that just couldn’t get things going with his operation (he had a competitors sawmill) and he was on the verge of calling it quits.He called and talked to Tim Cook about some of his issues and Tim recommended some changes to his mill as well as switching him over to the Cook’s Super Sharp Blade.The man took his advice and a couple months later called back to tell Tim that his advice not only saved his business but that he was able to more than double his profits.We benefited by earning a new customer and he certainly benefited by not only keeping his business going but also by increasing his profits.

We had another gentleman write us last week who had not yet purchased from us and here is what he said:“No other manufacturer does more to reach out to me than Cooks. Your info is also from hands on experience with cutting.” P. Smith - Tulalip, WA

When you deal with us we can help you with choosing the right equipment to meet your goals, improve your current operation and keep you informed about current market trends so you can make your business as successful as possible.

We want to help you think big, make more money, and run a smoother operation.So if you’re ready to make some good things happen this year, give us a call so we can help you get started.