Paradigm Shifts and Bandsaw Blades

You may or may not have heard the word paradigm before. I had never heard it till a few years ago when I listened to a set of CD's by Stephen Covey called ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’.

A paradigm is a set of beliefs that we have gained through our lives based on what we have been taught. We think the way we do, and react the way we do, because of all our past experiences, and we are the sum total of all our past experiences.

"A paradigm shift is when we change from one way of thinking to another."

I personally believe that is why as a parent the training of my children is so important. I also believe that as a child becomes an adult he must study to come to an understanding of what is the correct way of living based on evidence. This has to be looked into deeply to make sure that this evidence is truth and not an illusion that has been taught to him at school, on the TV, etc., or even by his parents.

Because this sounds all philosophical I will state my belief so as to not make you wonder. I believe that the evidence of design and numerous other things point to a Creator, and we learn about our Creator from His word found in the Bible. I believe that He sent his Son to die for mans sins and that we can be redeemed through Jesus Christ.

Many of you are thinking right now, “That it is great to hear a Christian write like this”. Others of you may be thinking “This guy believes in fairy tales”. I hope and believe that no matter what you think of Christianity you will realize that if you do business with us, (Cook's Saw), you will see this as a positive.

Why is this? Because of my "paradigm" (based on my study), I believe that I must do my best to live like God wants me to according to His word. I understand this to mean that I must treat all my fellow man (including people who do business with me) the way I want to be treated. Remember the Golden Rule?

I hope that it is still being taught. This does not mean that I, nor the people that work with me are perfect. Or, that we will always do exactly what you want. It does mean that I will consider your feelings and beliefs and try to do what is right and fair to everyone involved.

We are friends with almost everyone we do business with, but there are a few people in this world that do not seem to understand what it is means to be fair and reasonable.

Well anyway, what does any of this have to do with portable sawmills, bandsaw blades, cutting wood and making lumber?

Whether you heard this before or not it really has something to do with everything we do. I see this in religion (where most people think it should stay), but I also see it in business and in our case, in sawing wood.

Tim, my brother, has been blessed with a great ability to be able to understand why machinery works and especially why and how wood cutting machinery and sawing works.

He doesn't have a college degree as such, but we still call him the wood doctor. We have been repairing and learning to understand these types of machines since we were boys. Though I understand it well, it just clicks with Tim and he can turn around and relate that to our clients/customer so they can understand.

I see him spending tremendous time every day helping people all around the country overcome their sawing problems. He often spends so much of his time that he can't work on other important projects. This is a hard balance that we have to continually work on. This is one reason that we write about different issues in our business is so we can help more people and still be able to run the business and carry on a fairly normal life.

We encourage you to read, or maybe re-read articles that we have written in the past, because we have written about the most common problems in the past.

In recent months we have come to realize that a lot of the issues that we are dealing with now have more to do with preconceived ideas, presuppositions, or to use my word for the day, paradigms. Specifically concerning two different things:

1. The new patent pending Cook's Super Sharp™ bandsaw blade

2. The band roller that is used to flatten a bandsaw blade

To help you understand what I am talking about let me tell you a true story that happened recently. We had sold some of the new Super Sharp™ blades to a customer who called complaining.

After Tim talked to him for several minutes he asked the customer if the blades were running at all. The customer replied "they were running much better than his regular blades" but he said, "they can't do that". That kind of threw us for a loop. What? They are better, but they just can’t be?

I have always said that if something works better I want it. But what we were finding here was because this man had an established paradigm (presupposition) about bandsaw blades, he was having trouble accepting what his eyes were seeing. Because of his prior belief he was unhappy. This was not a matter of taking something on faith, he was seeing it.

This man actually knew a good bit about logs and bandsaw blades but there were a couple pieces that he didn't exactly understand so he just couldn't believe it. It just goes to show that we can become so entrenched in our beliefs that we can't even believe it when we see it with our own eyes. Hence the old saying “I just can't believe it.”

Now a little about the band roller. We find something similar with the bandsaw band roller that we manufacture. It is an excellent tool to help you in your quest to make more money by cutting faster with fewer problems. Many of you have a sawmill or resaw, many have a sharpener and setter.

Why not have one more small piece of machinery that will make your life much easier and make you money?

Would you try to run your mill without setting your blades? You can, sorta. You can get one run out of the box and then you might get one more decent run after the first sharpening, but on the 2nd it will be pretty bad. By the 3rd run you will be very angry and smoke will not only be coming out of the logs... it will probably be coming out of your ears. This same principle applies with the flatness of blades.

If a blade is not flat it ultimately will not run. This applies to any blade whether it is new or a blade that has been run a couple times. We work very hard to check the blades we sell to make sure that they are flat when we ship them out.

Just as important, after you have run the blade a couple times they develop a curvature and are not flat anymore. It is to your advantage to have these blades rolled. Otherwise you are going to have similar results to a non-set blade. It just won’t cut right.

Some people have actually told us they didn’t want to roll the blades. Occasionally someone will even say that he will not roll the blades. I really don’t know what to tell these people. They are going to have problems and their productivity will go down if they don’t learn to roll them or have someone else do it for them.

We want to help, but if they are unwilling to roll a blade then there is really nothing else that can be said. This is a physical law that God has made and just "wishing it was not so" or "becoming upset about it" does not change the matter.

I have found the more I stop fighting things that I can’t change and go ahead and fix things that have to be fixed I am better off. I have less stress and make more money and my wife even likes me better.

So, I want to encourage you to look for a way to solve problems and not just stew over things we can’t change. There will always be some who will resist change in their thinking and in how they do business. This makes it easier for those of us who will act to stay at the head of the pack.

To your success,



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