Dual Tooth Setter

Cook's Dual Tooth Bandsaw Blade Setter

Set the teeth of your bandsaw blades quickly with the fastest and most accurate tooth setter on the market today!

ACCURATE - With dual dial indicators mounted directly on the bandsaw setter you set both teeth (right and left) while indicating the two teeth that were set one stroke earlier. Accuracy is improved over similar setters because you can see exactly how much you are setting the tooth.

EASY - Because of the special designed cam action the handle is easy to push and pull requiring only 2lbs. of pressure to set compared to over 30lbs. by similar models.

FAST - The handle sets two teeth on the down stroke and two teeth on the up stroke making blade setting quick and easy, and gives you double setting action per revolution, making it twice as fast as any other dual tooth setter on the market!

Comes complete with four support arms for complete blade control.


  • Built heavy duty and weighing in at 125 lbs.
  • CNC machined high precision parts
  • Dual dial indicators for checking the set on both the left and right hand teeth
  • Cam assisted setting only requires 2 lbs. of pressure to set the teeth opposed to over 30 lbs. by similar models
  • Sets two teeth in both the up stroke and another 2 teeth in the down stroke = 4 teeth for every up/down rotation
  • Long wear, replaceable teeth setting blocks
  • Handles 1"-2" wide blades

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