AccuTrac Portable Board Edgers

Need to trim rough cut lumber? We have the thing for you! Edging boards with a board edger is a highly efficient way to solve your problem. Adding an edger to your operation adds efficiency and production because edgers increase the board ft. yield to increase your profits.

By edging on a Board Edger instead of your sawmill you will increase production by a minimum of 35%. The AC36 Sawmill and AE Board Edger are a perfect match as the sawmill is made to drag boards directly back to a gravity roller and the edger can be placed in line to that roller for a quick transition into edging.
If you are serious about making money with your sawmill then it only makes good business sense to have an edger.


  • Dual Split Strobe Saws - 3/16" Blade thickness. Split blades generate greater performance and are easy to change
  • 26" Wide Infeed/Outfeed Belt
  • Hinged Straight Edge - so you know where your stationary saw cut line is located to help line up your board properly
  • Top Mount Engine Design - for Easy Engine Access
  • Metal Roller Board Hold Down Feed System - much more durable that rubber tire with better control
  • Top Mount Board Roller Return System- easy board transfer back to the operator in case another trim is needed
  • Pressure compensated flow control system- allows full control of feed speed from 0 to 100 feet per minute
  • 36" Wide Board Width
  • 2"- 21" Edge Cut Width
  • Pivoting Arm Guide- used to edge boards that have one straight edge
  • Hydraulically powered by Gear pump (not 12v)- no electric system to go bad or switches to burn up

Power Options

  • 15hp three phase electric
  • 20hp three phase electric
  • 25hp Kohler Gas Engine
  • 34hp Perkins Diesel
  • 38 Kohler Gas Engine

Additional Options

  • Stationary Laser
  • Moveable Laser
  • Transfer Deck
  • Transfer Deck Board Return
  • 12" Strobe Saws- cut up to 2" tall cants
  • 14" Strobe Saws- cut up to 4" tall cants

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