Bandsaw Blades

Cook’s Super Sharp™ Bandsaw Blades

The patent pending Cook’s Super Sharp™ band saw blade is the single most penetrating sawmill blade on the market today. Most bandsaw blade manufacturers produce a sharp blade, but not all of them penetrate wood equally. That is where the Cook’s Super Sharp show its superiority.
Standard blade designs just don’t compare.

Cutting straight through wood is all about wood fiber penetration. Some bandsaw blades after a few hours of cutting might still feel sharp, but they just won’t cut anymore. But what these blades lack is the ability to penetrate the log. This is what separates a good blade from a great blade.

We are talking about bandsaw blades that run so efficient that engines burn less fuel, and electric motors pull less amperage while cutting logs. Standard bandsaw blade designs are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

We have two versions to choose from:

Super Sharp DuraTooth™

  • T4 Metal Fusion™ body composition – proprietary blend of metals which give the DuraTooth™ a more rigid body and tooth, allowing for extreme feed speeds
  • 18% stiffer body over similar blades
  • 14% harder tooth over similar blades
  • Remains sharp long after typical blades have dulled

Super Sharp SilvaChrome™

  • Triple Metal Matrix™ proprietary blend of chromium, silicone, magnesium, and one other secret ingredient produce a super long life blade body
  • Increased blade sharpenings over typical performance blades
  • Increased blade flexibility making for a blade that works well with almost any sawmill or resaw setup
  • Great all around blade

We have blades for you:

We do all of our own blades in house so no matter what sawmill or resaw you own we can supply you with a blade to fit. Cook’s Saw processes and average of 500 blades per day year around and we send them all over the world so we know bandsaw blades.

We make blades for any machine:

  • Cook’s Sawmills and Resaws
  • American Bandsaw
  • Angle Boss
  • Baker / Enercraft
  • Brewer
  • Brewco
  • Clarke
  • Crosswoods
  • Cutting Edge
  • Delta Saw
  • Dyna-Tech
  • Fastline
  • Grizzly
  • G-Tek
  • High Point
  • Hudson
  • Husky
  • Kasco
  • Keener Built
  • Linn Lumber
  • Logmaster
  • Mister Sawmill
  • Norwood
  • SMG
  • TA Schmid
  • Timberharvester
  • Timberking
  • Woodmizer
  • and many more…

Whether it’s a Hobby, Production, Stationary or Portable Bandmill you’re looking for, we have it.